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Yaya Diamond interviews Mimi Novic  

Mimi Novic is one of the bestselling authors of today and is ranked amongst the top names in inspirational, motivational and spiritual books in the world. 

She is one of today's most respected inspirational wellbeing lifestyle coaches, motivational and self awareness teachers. She is highly regarded internationally in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. Working as a therapist, complementary medical practitioner, life coach, voiceover artist, author and motivational speaker. 

Mimi has collaborated with some of the most well-known and knowledgeable therapists, coaches, healers and professionals in their field and bringing together powerful teams that work in synchronicity to bring each client the best possible life enhancing experiences. She teaches and runs workshops and seminars in holistic therapies, alternative medicine and self-awareness, working around the world in clinics, retreats and on a one to one basis. 
Mimi's spiritual and thought provoking writing, as well as her wellness and motivational work, led her to create a series of audio compositions, which take the listener on a mystical journey of self-healing and reflection. Aspiring Hope Music came to life through the many requests of clients, patients and other therapists, who expressed a need to have guided meditations. 

The Aspiring Hope series beautifully harmonises her inspirations with soul enlightening music, which gently ignites the power of the discovery towards self-awareness. 
Her albums provide inspirational messages and meditation music for relaxation and motivation. You can find them and more about her on her website. 

This year has so far seen one album, Lovers of The Beloved, guided meditations based on the poems of Rumi and two new books releases The Essence Of Being and Brilliance of Dawn. 

Interview with Author Tiberia Morris 

Seeing the positive side of things is where it's at! For sure it is not always easy, and with great expense to our ego at times, but ultimately it pays to stay positive. Tune in to see how our host and guest took the positve side of things and turned it into a career. 

Ever wanted to know what really happens before, during and after weight loss surgery? Well, look no further. In her second published work, author Tiberia Morris takes readers behind the scenes as she chronicles her decision to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. Morris candidly discusses hitting rock bottom at a Broadway performance, overcoming her addiction to food and emotional eating and shedding relationships, old belief systems and toxic thoughts along with over 100 pounds of physical weight. If you have ever contemplated having weight loss surgery, Morris offers well-researched information as well as personal experiences and advice. This book finally puts to rest the notion that bariatric surgery is the easy way out. Because anyone who's ever gone under the knife in the name of weight loss knows that only the courageous and consistent thrive. FB: Tiberia Morris 

Interview with New life Hiking Spa Kathleen LeSage  


Jimmy LeSage, M.S. saw the vision and opened New Life Hiking Spa for its first season in 1978. His goal was to give folks the opportunity for fresh air, exercise and wellness activities, down time for relaxation and healthy food.  Decidedly this goal has been accomplished and all he wants now is to keep sharing it with fans old and new to New Life Hiking Spa. 

Along the way accolades have been earned, awards won and stories written about Jimmy and New Life Hiking Spa.   However, just as it was in the beginning, Jimmy is just happy when people feel better after their stay. One of his favorite sayings, ‘It’s all good’ is heartfelt and filled with intention to make it happen for each and every guest. 

Jimmy and wife Kathleen now host hundreds of guests from May to October and sponsor a winter trip to Nicaragua.  Committed to making a positive influence on eating patterns, exercising and living stress-free, Jimmy is planning to keep his favorite recommendation in mind, ‘Let’s take a hike’ but also may suggest, jump in the pool, stretch out with yoga, attend a lecture, get a massage or maybe even go shopping nearby. 


New Life Hiking Spa and Wellness Retreat may bring to mind oil treatments, big white fluffy robes and cushioned slippers but that is not what you’ll find.  Sure, there are wonderful opportunities to unwind with a massage after a hike, but the experience they want to share is the luxury of the Vermont environment, the Green Mountains, the fresh air, the healthy food, and the feeling of well-being that you’ll leave with.

The healing attributes of Cannabis with Tom Scherbluk  

DISCOVER how combining 
MINDFULNESS TECHNIQUES with the therapeutic properties of CANNABIS 




Tara Brasier - is an educator with over 21 years 
experience, including teaching formal education at 
George Brown College as a communications professor, 
and, MindBody*Life*Education instructor with various 
organizations and private clients. 
Tara’s journey with mindfulness intersected with 
cannabis several years ago when her Brother’s dire 
medical condition prompted her to devour all the 
knowledge she could on the healing properties of 
cannabis. What she learned proved doubly valuable. 
She began to apply her yoga and mindfulness training 
towards herself as she purposefully found a new level of 
enjoyment in life by subduing her fibromyalgia, IBS and 
anxiety - all with the help of plant medicines and 
mindfulness practices. 
Tara’s approach to teaching is to integrate mindfulness, 
go slowly, and allow the time necessary for maximum 
benefits to be gained from the practice. This is the same 
approach that Tara envisioned for Plant Alchemy - 
through mindfulness, and cannabis, what you learn 
about yourself can be profoundly rewarding. 

Tom Scherbluk is an engineer and a marketing 
consultant, who has always embraced the full spectrum 
of creativity and fact-based thinking. As a mindfulness 
practitioner for over 8 years, Tom Co-founded Plant 
Alchemy with Tara Brasier because of his desire to help 
people revel in the oasis of their own authenticity. With 
cannabis becoming recreationally available in Canada 
and more areas worldwide, Tom wanted to take his 
journey with the practical, factual and creative aspects of 
cannabis and co-create a program that will help people 
use plant medicine to find the balance between the 
always-on nature of today's society, and their own Body, 
Mind & Sp

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