Interview with Author Tiberia Morris

Seeing the positive side of things is where it's at! For sure it is not always easy, and with great expense to our ego at times, but ultimately it pays to stay positive. Tune in to see how our host and guest took the positve side of things and turned it into a career. 

Ever wanted to know what really happens before, during and after weight loss surgery? Well, look no further. In her second published work, author Tiberia Morris takes readers behind the scenes as she chronicles her decision to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. Morris candidly discusses hitting rock bottom at a Broadway performance, overcoming her addiction to food and emotional eating and shedding relationships, old belief systems and toxic thoughts along with over 100 pounds of physical weight. If you have ever contemplated having weight loss surgery, Morris offers well-researched information as well as personal experiences and advice. This book finally puts to rest the notion that bariatric surgery is the easy way out. Because anyone who's ever gone under the knife in the name of weight loss knows that only the courageous and consistent thrive. FB: Tiberia Morris 

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