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Free Yourself From Yourself (FYFY) is a personal story and proven success program for addiction recovery, firmly grounded on the knowledge, understanding and application of Spiritual Principles. Subscribe Here: MY BOOK: “Free Yourself From Yourself” by Tim Stewart Get a Copy Today: OUR SERVICES: ☕Donate to Channel: WEBSITE: SOCIAL CHANNELS:: 📘Facebook: 💼LinkedIn: 🕊️Twitter: 📺YouTube: 📰Blog: 📩Business inquires: Email: Phone: +1 314 610 3280 139 Betholite Road, Magnolia, NC 28453 ABOUT ME: Hello and welcome to TalkManTalk. My name is Tim Stewart and I am TalkManTalk, Speaking to Inspire. At the age of 40 years old, I found myself homeless, hopeless and penniless. I had 2 pair of pants, 2 shirts and about $8 dollars in my pocket. I had been in the Air Force, attended NYU, worked for IBM and UPS, spent a number of years in corporate America, yet I was very broken human being. I was spiritually, emotionally and physically bankrupt. At 40 years old I had to start life all over again. I had to come to the harsh reality that I did not know how to live here, something was terribly wrong and I needed some answers. I had to find out how I operate as a human being, why I'm here and how life works on this planet. What I learned absolutely changed my life and today I am a homeowner, a husband, a business owner, a motivational speaker, life coach, visionary and I have a successful career; my life has totally changed. Continue Reading More About Me: © All rights of ownership reserved ======================================================== #FYF # Freedom #personal #TimothyStewart #Motivation #LIfe #TimothyMotivational #timothystewartvideos #MotivationalVideosTimothyStewart #MotivationalSpeech #motivation This is a new show on the Yaya Diamond Entertainment Network. All content has been provided by Timothy Stewart and doesn't reflect the ideals of Yaya Diamond Entertainment Network.

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