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Keeping the dream alive

It's 2:34am on October 10, 2019 and I am still awake! Ugh! My mind is racing and my thoughts won't let me rest. I am currently writing 2 pdfs for the store and beginning to understand how completing a thing…

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Yaya Diamond interviews Mimi Novic 

Mimi Novic is one of the bestselling authors of today and is ranked amongst the top names in inspirational, motivational and spiritual books in the world. 

She is one of today's most respected inspirational wellbeing lifestyle coaches, motivational and…

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Yaya Diamond interviews Strike Boogie

Not only did I love this interview, but I loved his music and spirit. Looking forward to hearing much more out of this artist for sure. ~ Yaya Diamond

Here we see determination, engagement, and determination to conquer! I…

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Interview with Amervis López 

Amervis López is content with her life. She lives with her brother and grandmother in a twentieth-century community. She enjoys learning, partaking in authentic home cooked meals, playing at the park, going out with her grandmother, and being an…

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When you know it's not enough 

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Michelle Areaux (A-rue) is a young adult fiction writer whos  works include historical thrillers that brings readers back to the world of the paranormal with a new twist. And…

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To be a shoulder or not to be a shoulder

There is nothing like a person who, when you see them, complains every time you see them. What do you do? How do you act? What do you say? Will they listen? There are more questions than answers sometimes, but…

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Yaya Diamonds interview on Vigilantes Radio 

Grammy Nominated Vocalist, Writer, Performer & Podcast Host, Yaya Diamond, stops by, Vigilantes Radio's "Inside The Music" Series to chat with Dini about the real Yaya Diamond, defining her…

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New shows on Dream Chasers Radio

We are so excited that Dream Chasers Radio is advancing as fast as it is. 

Go to our page at for the latest updates in music, podcasts, our Roku TV show, and much more. 



Life altering interview with Tom Paladino 

Tom Paladino developed a treatment process whereby he is able to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a pathogen, thereby causing that agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart. His Pathogen Cleanse currently disassembles over 400,000 pathogens…

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Yaya Diamond interviews Rap Artist Dee Lew 

From Seattle to Kent, the Portland State University grad Dee Lew is a lyricist who rocks the mic with slappin beats, intellectual rhymes and a humble attitude. With the ability to take fans from the club to the smoke session…

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It's your choice

I find that is truly a choice to be content with who you are at this moment in time. To be satisfied with your progress, and happy with your goals. Knowing that happiness is in the here and now and…

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Interview with Entrepreneur LaQuita Monley 

LaQuita Monley is an entrepreneur, mother of 5 and military spouse that is passionate about building businesses, helping people & giving back. For 23 years, her family traveled the US, Europe & Middle East while her husband Ben served his…

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Interview with recording Artist Jourin Hannah 


Jourin Hannah was born on March, 8, 1990 in Richmond Virginia. He started getting into music around the age of 15. Jourin Plays both guitar and keyboard and has developed many styles over the years. At age fifteen…

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Yaya Diamond interviews R&B artist Ed Brown 


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Interview with Hip hop recording artist R.O.M.E. 

19 Year old New York Hip Hop Recording Artist R.O.M.E. is on the move with his newest release "Lost". Tune in below as Yaya

Diamond interviews this upcoming star.

Using the Law of attraction 

Demaka Management Inc.focuses on the topics of technology, innovation and business. (business interviews and Live streaming). Youtube-Interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, dreamers, doers, business professionals and startup professionals. To show case your business email

Can you really…

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Update from international recording artist Suzan Mutesi 

Rising African-Australian Music Artist, Seasoned Actress and Fashion Designer, Suzan Mutesi has proudly announced the worldwide release of her two latest songs titled ‘Love Others, Love Run, Fishers of Men’. Born in Uganda and based in Australia, the rising…

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Let's talk about credit 

Latrice Douglas is the CEO of Wealthy Rise- Keep your credit on the rise. She started with a career in banking at the tender age of 19 working as a financial consultant for 7 years. Latrice then moved into an…

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When you know that you know 

Interview with Isha a former foster child, Military Sexual Trauma survivor, formerly homeless, USAF Retired, and most recently, CEO/Founder of "Breaking The Psychle", LLC 

Born in Columbia, SC to a 14 year old mother, Isha K Taylor has had…

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Getting past our own imperfections  

Guest: Krysie K was born in Salisbury, Maryland. Krysie K’s musical influences are Brandy, Aaliyah,and Monica. Krysie K also writes stories and one day will publish a best selling novel. Instagram: KrysieKBaby.

Surprise guest - Dionne Osifekun receives pointers…

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