It's your choice

I find that is truly a choice to be content with who you are at this moment in time. To be satisfied with your progress, and happy with your goals. Knowing that happiness is in the here and now and not in the things or people that may come. It has taken me a while to figure out, even in the riches of life, how things and people will never make me happy, but that happiness comes with knowing myself, what I like, enjoy, and being pleased with who I am. 

Obviously we can, as people, put up a front, but when we go home we see the real person, the person who, at times, we don’t want others to see. This is where the choice comes into play, whether or not we will continue to hide and protect the person we really don’t like ourselves. 

It begins with us. Truly if we begin to love ourselves, be happy with ourselves, then this will translate to the people around us. Decisions are hard to make, especially the difficult ones, but in knowing where you want to go sometimes things and people must be left behind. 

Moving forward means growing up, and as we all know, we don’t wear the same size shoes or clothes anymore. We don’t play with the same toys, or eat the same foods anymore either. With this in mind, as we mature, we outgrow our current surroundings as well. Don’t be afraid to let go. Growth has, and will always be one of the greatest mysteries in life and a necessary event we need to experience. 

Live life while there is life yet to be lived. 

Yaya Diamond™

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