Interview with La Diosa Negra  


When facing a task that seems insurmountable, I designed a 3 step plan that has helped me maneuver all kinds of obstacles. 1. Each morning I make a list of things that I’m grateful for. Some morning I write in my journal. Some mornings I make mental list while driving. Choosing to remain in a state of gratitude will shift your perspective on life. Insurmountable challenges will seem petty after a while. 2. I write my goals twice a day in a journal. This reinforces my purpose and clarifies my path each time that I write them. My goals list covers every area of my life. Not just my business. 3. Having a mentor is a game changer. I seek out women that are more successful and experienced than I am. Women that will push me out of my comfort zone and encourage growth. A strong network and support system will guide you through the tough times. 


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