DCR Show entry 2/25/19

Great show tonight. Just to recap here are the show notes. 

Where did you start? Beginnings are the hardest part of the journey. Let's talk about it. 

Kristal Wise who is a Mother, Self-Employed, Social Media, Influencer/Blogger, Bartender, Friend to all, and an inspiration. Kristal served her country and when she left the military she had a hard transition to overcome. Website launch is April 1, 2019 www.anextrahand.com Instagram: @_la_diosa_negra_ 

PEPPER GOMEZ, Owner of a New music label www.Wakeupmusicgroup.com, comes on to share their unique style by getting endangered music back on the radio.  A great model of old combined with Social Media and online marketing to make this label unique and promising. 

Yaya gives her top 5 things to optimize your brand. 

Grade A Loyalty is a rap duo from Atlanta, GA made up of rappers Spirit and ChampBoy AB. Female rapper Spirit brings an upbeat, crazy flow and energy to any song while Champ has a very versatile mix of both rapping and singing that takes each track to a whole other level.  instagram: @GradeAloyalty

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