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Interview with La Diosa Negra   


When facing a task that seems insurmountable, I designed a 3 step plan that has helped me maneuver all kinds of obstacles. 1. Each morning I make a list of things that I’m grateful for. Some morning I write in my journal. Some mornings I make mental list while driving. Choosing to remain in a state of gratitude will shift your perspective on life. Insurmountable challenges will seem petty after a while. 2. I write my goals twice a day in a journal. This reinforces my purpose and clarifies my path each time that I write them. My goals list covers every area of my life. Not just my business. 3. Having a mentor is a game changer. I seek out women that are more successful and experienced than I am. Women that will push me out of my comfort zone and encourage growth. A strong network and support system will guide you through the tough times. 


DCR Show entry 2/25/19 

Great show tonight. Just to recap here are the show notes. 

Where did you start? Beginnings are the hardest part of the journey. Let's talk about it. 

Kristal Wise who is a Mother, Self-Employed, Social Media, Influencer/Blogger, Bartender, Friend to all, and an inspiration. Kristal served her country and when she left the military she had a hard transition to overcome. Website launch is April 1, 2019 Instagram: @_la_diosa_negra_ 

PEPPER GOMEZ, Owner of a New music label, comes on to share their unique style by getting endangered music back on the radio.  A great model of old combined with Social Media and online marketing to make this label unique and promising. 

Yaya gives her top 5 things to optimize your brand. 

Grade A Loyalty is a rap duo from Atlanta, GA made up of rappers Spirit and ChampBoy AB. Female rapper Spirit brings an upbeat, crazy flow and energy to any song while Champ has a very versatile mix of both rapping and singing that takes each track to a whole other level.  instagram: @GradeAloyalty

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Interview with recording B. Wize  

Born in Kansas raised in the bayou, B.Wize name speaks for itself. With a late start in the genre B.Wize personifies truth from all shades of the color line. He took notes from Lupe Fiascos "The Cool" and "Friend of the People" while becoming a pupil of Detroit's icon Eminem. His influences also include Andre 3000, nas,Jay-z and Tupac which in their own respect speaks truth. B.Wize is the founder and CEO of the College Takeover Over Tour which is a non-profit organization that brings awareness to Mental Health/Suicide amongst youth. "I rather my work be known for truth when Im dead than be live popular fronting lies".

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Interview with recording artist Cord J  


Cord J was a premature baby born 2 months early in a small town on the outskirts of Houston, TX. Once delivered he died and was life-flight to Herman Memorial Hospital where he was brought back to life. He was known as a “miracle baby”. Since the age of 3 Cord has been singing and his mother knew that he was special. She would take him many places as a child to sing. People begin to recognize his gift and would ask for him to sing at their churches. When Cord was 15 he featured as the lead role (Malcolm) in a gospel stage play titled “May The Works I’ve Done Speak for Me”. Around the age of 16 Cord mom took sick. He witnessed many strokes and seizures from her. He would sing to her sometimes and see how it would make her feel better, and it was then he realized that he wanted to pursue singing as a profession. He has always had a passion for people and his goal is to create inspirational music to help people get through their pain, struggles, sickness, etc… just as he was able to help his mom feel better. Cord would write songs about his life and when he was 18 he recorded his first song title “Castaway”. Since then he has been singing with his gospel group SOS (Sounds of Salvation) as well as performing songs off his soon to come album. Cord is on a mission to Make God Famous, so stay tuned because the best is yet to come. Website:

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