Livestream Podcast Interview with author Dewey B.

Livestream Podcast Interview with author Dewey B. Reynolds talks about his criminal parents (Youtube Livestream)

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#blackwomenpodcasters #livestream #livepodcasts Dewey B. Reynolds is an author, screenwriter, short filmmaker, and computer expert. Dewey spent several years researching the criminal background of his interracial parents, Gordon Reynolds and Alla Mae Briggs. Their reign of vice activities occurred mostly throughout the 1960s. Dewey became a ward of the state of Missouri as a result of his parents being hardened criminals on the run from the law. Information obtained from police reports and criminal rap sheets would prompt him to write the true-crime tale of their lives, a book entitled: Two Shades of Vice: Based on the true story of an interracial couple’s life together in crime. He is also the author of a thriller and fantasy book. Dewey currently resides in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri and he continues to write other books.

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