Interview with Steve Kaycee Update

Everyone has problems in life, no matter if they have 1 or 100.

I don’t know exactly how many problems that I have. But I can tell you that I have more than one, with two of them being on display here, as they are both in the form of clothes. And yes, that’s me in the pic above. So let’s begin.

Back in mid-August of 2015, I was in preparation for a three day vacation in Vermont. Everything was good, except for one

small problem. And that was I sans all pairs of boxer shorts, thus being reduced to briefs. And honestly, I hate briefs.  But that was only the beginning.

With two days remaining until heading out of state, I still had a lot of tasks to finish. And with an occupied laundry area, I was put in even more of a bind.

Sensing a need, I immediately turned to my design template in my clothing line account to design a pair of my own boxer shorts,, in which I would go on to order for myself the next day. But since I chose standard shipping, I couldn’t get them right away. So just to be on the safe side, I went out to a local Walmart that very same day to buy even more boxer shorts, in the form of a variety pack, to bring along with me on vacation. And they sure did come in handy, thanks to quick thinking of relying on my business for a need of my own, with that need arriving a week after that the order was placed. 

One thing that really gets under my skin is when someone starts drama when none needs to be started, with me being the recipient of it many times. It’s even made me think that people get an emotional high from it. 

I’ve long been someone who believes in good things coming to those with a strong work ethic, as well as someone who resents people that blindly play devil’s advocate. And I believe in each view point so much that I released two t-shirt slogans, with one being encouraging and the other being combative. The slogans are Break Murphy’s Law! and Grasp Knowledge, Not At Straws!, respectively. 

And with the issues that I have with people who start drama when there is none to be started, it was only a matter of time for me to launch my anti-drama slogan, Maridrama Free Zone!, in the form of yet another t-shirt.

Now you all must be wondering, “Why the hell does this guy have a picture of himself in a t-shirt and boxer shorts on his own website?” Well, the truth is that I once thought about modeling all of my tattoos in a magazine, along with explaining the meaning of each one.

But with my tattoos in the form of a photo gallery now, as well as blogging about them every single week, the thought of a magazine shoot and interview about them seemed pointless.

But as a man who owns some of his own clothing designs, I decided to turn the thought of modeling into a reality, by endorsing my own brand, as well as shed light on a topic that’s more problematic than you may think. Plus, this is the coolest pair of boxer shorts that I’ve ever owned.

And this pair of boxer shorts is not only cool, it also has the logo of a business that represents change for the better.

And now you too can make a stand against the unwanted drama, along with representing change for the better, by adding the clothes in the links below, to your wardrobe.

So go ahead and check them out to see if they represent the change that we all want.

Thank you and as always, have an awesome day!

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