Interview with Inventor Maryna Vermishian 

Maryna Vermishian, CEO of the Luciding Inc. - company behind the product LucidCatcher, which made to put people in a state of Lucid Dream. 

First you’re riding a dragon, the forest rushing beneath you. Then you’re having sex—real, very good sex — with a celebrity from your favorite show. Next you’re talking to a long-dead parent, making peace with painful memories, finding profound, healing closure. 

And then you wake up. 

“Imagine that you can feel in a dream like you feel in your daily life, but better,” says Maryna Vermishian, chief operating officer of Luciding, the San Francisco-based company behind the LucidCatcher. “You can travel, you can fly, you can do anything.” 

Our neuro-gadget implies electronic impulses on a brain during REM (rapid eye movement) phase to induce lucid dreaming. The mobile app keeps you focused on your practice by choosing from the content for the next dreaming experience from Spotify-like genres, which are entertainment, mental therapy, peaceful dream and enhancement of creativity, all through seeing a lucid dream. 

As a service, Luciding helps to unveil the hidden opportunities of lucid dreaming and give the 6-8 hour of alternative reality compared to the unawareness of ourselves in a dream.

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