Dream Chasers Radio interviews Haroon Anwarzai

Haroon Anwarzai would like to share his experience of selling on Amazon, EBay and online. He is offering to form a meet up group that will help new Amazon sellers. Using vast Amazon customer base to sell your products offers a unique opportunity. Individuals may want to make few extra dollars a week or make a living selling online. At the same time selling involved a bit of mental, physical and well as spiritual patients. You need to be positive, work at it daily and understand that not everything works out the same for everyone. Our goal in the group is to offer sound advice, emotional as well spiritual support. Success often means different things to different people. Although, most people connect lots of money with success, that may be true for some. Having your health, family and friends and of course a piece of financial mind is a bliss and a blessing. My family has been in retail business for over 25 years. We had multiple retail businesses and have been dealing with all aspects of business. However, in the last 15 years, with internet and e commerce the shopping habits of the consumers have shifted and will never be the same. I realized that with such change, we need to retrain people and allow them to take part of transfer of wealth. Imagine that the old system of brick and mortar will never be the same.
We are looking for self-motivated individuals who see the opportunity and take part of Amazon (FBA, FBM) and online e commerce plat forms. We are looking for business owners to sponsor and be part of this amazing change.
As our team grows we will take part of sharing and teaching others as we try to offer the same opportunity other members of community and local businesses.

Please note that the group was formed two weeks ago and our first meeting will on Sept 14. Location and exact time will be announced shortly.

The Timerliit/Xolo Testing Meetup Group

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