AI Tech and investment Conference — Network and learn Irving Texas (Youtube Video)

AI Tech and investment Conference — Network and learn Irving Texas (Youtube Video)


Venue: Marriott Las Colinas 223 Las Colinas Blvd W, Irving, TX 75039–5404 DON’T DELAY! HOTEL REGISTRATION CUTOFF IS SEPTEMBER 1ST

About EABN

EABNs mission is to promote trade and investment between the East African Community (EAC) and the rest of the world to improve the quality of life for everyone.

“The East Africa Business Network (EABN) was formally established as a 501c(6) non-profit ‘business league’ by business women and men who invest, trade, mentor and coach throughout the entire EAC and around the world to improve the lives and livelihoods of the many diaspora communities collaborating. It has been a 17 year labor of love for the all-volunteer leadership team to “give back” from Africa to America and all points in-between, regardless of which diverse trade route around the world is taken.

Originally founded as the East African Chamber of Commerce (EACC), 2022 proves to be a growth and transformation year while filing our DBA “EABN” to emphasize our business networking commitment to promote trade and investment between the diaspora communities of EAC and the rest of the world.

Our work centers around introducing and promoting providers, suppliers, investors, manufactures, producers and all other roles in myriad supply chain communities across all industries to each other in order to build and expand sustainable trade with honor, dignity and education on ‘best practices’. Our work reaches far beyond traditional chamber mandates, thus we are pivoting our brand to match the higher calling of simply, socially good business networking for all those wishing to join us is this fresh and expanded journey. Every individual matters and is valued in our network.” — Elsa Juko-McDowell — EABN Chairwoman

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