Review of new product LEG-IT

Yaya Diamond

September 25, 2017

Product review:

Available in adjustable sizes for leg wear, belt strap, and a lanyard! Leg-It Beverage Holder is a functional, brandable, unique promotional item that makes drinking a beverage a hands-free operation at any activity.

The ONLY, Go EVERYWEAR, Multifunctional Beverage Holder. Perfect for Tailgating, Stadiums, Concerts, Camping, Boating, BBQs, Parties…

Pros and cons of this product:

Let’s start with the cons, since there aren’t many.

  1. If you don’t attend games, concerts, or outings this this product is not for you and your money will be wasted.
  2. Wearing the product around your leg, if placed tightly, can cut off you circulation so don’t place the strap too tight around the calf or thigh.

When wearing the product please stay aware as it may be easily forgotten when you get too excited and spill your drink.

Though there are cons, as with every product on the market, this product is really worth the purchase and lets go into the pros right now.

  1. Keeping your drink in your sight for safety reasons.
  2. Keeping others from kicking over your drink at an event.
  3. Convenience
  4. Money saving
  5. Multipurpose holder

and so many more!

This product was birthed out of necessity, and competitors are no where to be found. I give this product a Dream Chasers welcome 2 thumbs up!

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