Interview with Desire host of 'The Sekrit'

Video Show ‘Sekrit Of Love, Lust & Lies’ Offers Unconventional Talk on Conventional Relationships 

(January 23, 2018) – Romance isn’t dead yet, and giving it sustenance and new wings to fly is the new blog video show, Sekrit Of Love, Lust & Lies. Hosted by successful actor, hip-hop singer and entrepreneur Desire, the show is where desperate couples receive down to earth, romantic advice to go forth and let love blossom to its ultimate conclusion. Desire’s Sekrit Of Love, Lust & Lies began in 2015, and since then it has worked as an eye opener for men and women who wonder where things are going wrong in their relationship. The advice is timely and essential, and intended for modern day lovers who tend to give up easily. The show will also be of great help to strayed and clueless men and women, revealing to them the way towards a richer, happier relationship. “Love is not the only ingredient in a successful relationship. The other factors people tend to ignore are sacrifice, understanding, trust and several other virtues that are fast disappearing. I am here to offer real solutions and honest advice on relationships to women who need it and men who want it,” says Desire. Desire brings to the show great insights borne out of her life experiences as a Hollywood actor, singer, director and entrepreneurs, and as a loving mother. She preserves her faith in God and herself, which has allowed her to mould herself as the person that she is today. Desire is passionate about plays and has produced many successful dramas. Her talent for the arts and entertainment has helped her clear several obstacles in life. Sekrit Of Love, Lust & Lies aims to be unconventional, revolutionary and useful to all age groups. The show is now available on YouTube (Desire Hustle) and its official website, more information, please visit: The sekrit On YouTube: follow The sekrit

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