The Evolution of Faith: Hadassadajah’s Journey Beyond Jehovah’s Witnesses #authorinterview

Step into the world of Hadassadajah, an author who turned her back on religious conventions to embrace a journey of self-discovery and spiritual authenticity. In this SEO-optimized description, we highlight her transformation from a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses to a trailblazing writer questioning the foundations of biblical belief systems.

Her book, ‘Will the Real Satan Please Stand Up?’, is a thought-provoking examination of the misconceptions surrounding the figure of Satan and the nature of God as depicted in religious texts. Hadassa’s experiences, from divine encounters on White Face Mountain to the depths of despair in a psychiatric facility, form the backbone of her powerful narrative. Her book invites readers to rethink everything they’ve been taught about good and evil, offering a new lens through which to view the world and its creator. Website: Hadassadajah Akusani — Books (

About the author: Hadassah Akusani was born and raised in upstate New York and attended schools and colleges there. After college she worked in the field of Law Enforcement for many years, often becoming downhearted over many souls caught up in the ever-revolving doors of the criminal justice system and sought answers within the various religious institutions. Finding no concrete realistic answers, she turned inward and began to investigate and do research into the various religious cults and systems of control. Her exhaustless search led her, at the age of sixty-four, to enroll in the University of Metaphysical Sciences, from which she graduated in 2018 with a four-year bachelor degree.

Her most fervent desire is to assist in freeing the minds of those who desire to be free from the stranglehold of false religious systems of mind control ;in the name of God;. Her primary aim in this literary work is to help unsuspecting ; victims; within the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses, who are sincerely seeking something higher than themselves to believe in, to avoid the entrapment of another false religion seeking to control every facet of their lives, primarily for monetary gain. Her utmost desire is to spare others the pain of the psyche she herself experienced within the tentacles of entrapment of Jehovah;s Watchtower. If she can save even ONE, then the mental, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual pain she experienced will have all been worth it.

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