Discover Your True Potential with Mia I. Andrews’ Confidence Guide —

Discover Your True Potential with Mia I. Andrews’ Confidence Guide —

Experience the excitement of personal growth with Yaya Diamond as she presents Mia I. Andrews, an inspiring author and athlete, who has mastered the art of showing confidence. In this powerful video, Yaya engages with the topic of Mia’s book ‘Show Your Confidence’, emphasizing the need to actively pursue one’s goals rather than resting on the laurels of potential. Yaya’s animated discussion focuses on the actionable advice provided in the book, which is aimed at guiding young adults to tap into their inner courage and build the confidence necessary to face life’s challenges.

She stresses the importance of taking control of one’s future through deliberate steps towards achieving goals, a sentiment echoed throughout Mia’s book. Viewers are encouraged to participate in the journey of self-improvement by scanning the provided QR code to access the book and join Yaya’s Amazon book club.

Yaya’s message is clear: it’s time to turn potential into action and show the world your confidence.

Hi, I’m Mia Andrews.

I am a 22 year old student-athlete born and raised north of Philadelphia, PA. As a 3-time High School and College State Champion, I’m still chip chasing and working towards my Master’s degree in Business and Sports Management. I was recently awarded the opportunity to join the WBCA — Women Basketball Coaches Association as part of the “So You Wanna Be a Coach” Grad Assistant Program. Over the years, I learned (and am still learning ) the importance of self-care, balance and self-love. I hope you enjoy learning more about me and follow me on Instagram . Follow Iris Skin & Body on Instagram.

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