Busting the Blockchain Myth with CEO of Lattice Labs, Bijan Burnard! (Youtube interview)

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We are building a highly scalable blockchain ecosystem We are a global blockchain provider composed of blockchain experts, educators, entrepreneurs, engineers, computer scientists, designers and consultants. Meet the team helping to build the future of Web 3.0. At Lattice Labs, we’re committed to providing technology that combines scalability, decentralization, and security. To turn this vision into reality, the Lattice Labs team is developing different parts of an open system and closely working with partners to support the adoption of Lattice Network technology. We are blockchain developers The Lattice Labs Team are experienced with blockchain development across the whole technology stack. From developing a consensus algorithm from scratch to middleware and a full featured software suite, we build it. We are blockchain integrators Through the EVM, developers can utilize smart contracts on top of the Lattice Network, which allows projects to port their existing Ethereum dApps over to Lattice Network seamlessly. Additionally, Lattice Network is ABCI compatible and can be seamlessly integrated into other blockchains as a separate consensus module. We are blockchain educators The team at Lattice Labs is dedicated to providing comprehensive education on blockchain technology. With our deep understanding of the subject, we equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge necessary to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of Distributed Ledger technology and decentralized systems. We are blockchain advisors The expert team at Lattice Labs offers guidance on all aspects of blockchain technology. From token economics to governance, our team provides strategic advice to help clients leverage the power of Blockchain Technology. With our vast experience, we empower businesses to navigate the complexities of this innovative technology.

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