Author Sylvia Bryden-Stock’s Journey with Her Husband’s Alzheimer’s (Youtube interview)

The Rocky Road of Naughty Neurons

About the Author

Sylvia Bryden-Stock was born in 1943 in the midst of the second-word war. By the age of six, she had a clear goal of becoming a Qualified Nurse. Health issues challenged this dream but Determination resulted in a successful career and a life journey of experiences which has led to Sylvia living her true life purpose. None more challenging than journeying with her husband who was diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Her Nursing and Caring Careers plus Master Coaching skills and deep faith in God’s power to help overcome challenges did not fully prepare her for this journey that was to lead to her ultimate purpose — creating Books and other materials specifically for Carers. Helping with the Mental Health Issues of Caring became her passion and the creation of the Carers Coaching Academy. Sylvia strongly believes that life is a journey of experiences from which we grow and learn and find the secret to finding Inner Calm in times of Turmoil.

Sylvia and her husband, Brian, were enjoying an unconditionally loving relationship when suddenly, it all changed, and Sylvia found herself investigating young-onset Alzheimer’s disease. A nursing and care home management background did not prepare Sylvia for the journey ahead. The Rocky Road of Naughty Neurons explains the journey she and her husband took when he was diagnosed with the condition. The blessings on their journey have been many, as they have been determined to do their very best to make each day a positive one with lots of laughter. Sylvia has drawn on her inner spiritual strength plus coaching mechanisms to work at being able to “choose peace during the most challenging moments.” Sylvia’s story takes you from prediagnosis to Brian being at the start of full-time care and includes many tips for carers.

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