From Struggle to Triumph: The Amazing Story of author AJ Rasih Making it Big as an Author in…

From Struggle to Triumph: The Amazing Story of author AJ Rasih Making it Big as an Author in America (Youtube Interview)

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Buu-Van AjareyaJemir Hope Nguyễn Rasih

American Poet/ Author,

Christian Thinker,

Author of Change,

Spoken-word American Poet, Son of Immigrants and Son of Man(kind).

1950, Rasih was born on March 1st in Luangprabang, Laos as the youngest of four children to his Vietnamese immigrant parents.

1975, he received his undergraduate degree in irrigation engineering from Nonthabury College of Irrigation Institute in Pakkred, Thailand. After the fall of the Lao Royal Government in 1975, he escaped to thailand and eventually arrived in The United States of America.

1976, April 9 he immediately began working as Refugee Resettlement Associate Director for Catholic Charities of San Diego and promoted to work for the home office USCC based in Florida as a Regional Resettlement Specialist for 8 states in the Southern regions of the U.S.

1977, January 29th he married his other half, Vilaykhone Rasih Connie Simuong. They have three wonderful children: Bobby, George Jr. and Valentina Cupid Rasih McClees and two grandchildren Hayelee and Fox Rasih.

1984, January 20th he became proud naturalized citizen of the United States of America. 1991–1994 he was appointed as a City Commissioner by the San Diego City Council to serve the City’s Commision for Human Relations. 1994, he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and became an ordained Christian minister in Las Vegas, Nevada .Soon after this experience, he engulfed himself with oral literature, and began writing new modern American poetry

2001, he decided to further education and earned his graduate degree from Cali State University of San Marcos in Business Administration and leadership Studies 2000. He’s Polyglot. He speaks five languages:

Laotian, Vietnamese, Thai, English and French.

2005–2006, he is a winner of both the Asian Heritage Awards 2006 for Art, Literature and Philosophy and the International Society of Poets for Editor’s Choice Awards I’m 2005 and 2006; He was named one of the 100 great Poets of the Western World by Famous Poets Press, was selected by Marquis Who’s Who in America and in the World and Who’s Who of Asian Americans.

1995 to present, he Co-founded Global Childe/ Rasih Citizenship Education Institute(RACE) to promote civic education to the Asian immigrants for successful citizenship throughout the states of America and assisted 2,776 refugees and new immigrants in successful achieving their American dream of becoming American citizens. His honors also include being Immortalized on the Immigrant Wall of Honor, a permanent exhibit by the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation and recognized as Statue of Liberty Museum Founder.

On March 9th, 2019, he was recognized as the Inaugural recipient of the Asian Pacific American Coalition Lifetime Achievement Award for his extraordinary personal commitment to improving the Asian Pacific American community through volunteer service, civic engagement, and dedication to his APAC organization.

In 2022, he was recognized with the Top Honor of the Little Saigon Foundation of the Year 2022 Award in Outstanding Leadership and Community Service from Congressional, State, City and County of San Diego.

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