Success Story from Serial Entrepreneur Sabrina Lee (Youtube interview)

Sabrina Lee is a woman with many roles in life. She’s a serial entrepreneur, a school owner, an educator, a business coach, an online course creator, a wholesale store owner, digital services agency CEO, a “big cousin” to her community, a boss to her 20+ employees, a mom of two, a wife, a daughter, an aspiring and soon-to-be public motivational speaker and most of all — a female empowerment leader.

It is her goal in life to leave a legacy of opening many doors for other women especially those who are aiming at a better life through opening their own business, because just like these women — she was also once a dreamer of having a successful empire. She experienced the struggle of starting from scratch with no support and guidance firsthand but kept pushing forward because business is her first love and she knows that she’s meant to be a successful entrepreneur.

Sabrina started her own Salon business eight (8) years ago and like any other business person, she encountered puddles along the way… she had to close the first business due to many reasons to include bad hires, but she used the experience as a weapon. When she relaunched her business, she invested in herself by learning and adding Spa services including non-invasive body contouring. She mastered her craft and started teaching 4 years ago, grew her online community of aspiring spa owners, and helped hundreds — now thousands of aspiring, and current beauty business owners with her free classes.

Sabrina published her DIY Products recipe e-books that paved way for hundreds in her community to gain extra income, and now she opened the first ever training institute for entrepreneurs to enter the medical industry — Herway Training Institute located in Sugar Hill, GA.

Sabrina believes that women empowerment is an important concept that encourages women to be self-confident, build and expand their own networks, and strive for success in their professional and personal lives. It means providing women with the resources and capabilities they need to make independent decisions, shape their own lives, and contribute to their communities. Women empowerment is also about recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women in a variety of fields and celebrating the diversity of women’s experiences. By empowering women, we can create a more equitable and just world where everyone is respected and valued.

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