Podcast interview with author David Spiegel (Podcast interview)

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Young Hunter knew very little about his family’s history. After experiencing a very embarrassing moment at school, Hunter knew he must discover who his ancestors are. By simply asking his grandpa where his ancestors came from, it opened the door to the most outrageous adventure of his life. He learned all about his namesake, Sir Hunter, who was the leader of the Royalmen who served the Queen of the Bonefairy Castle. Sir Hunter led the Royalmen in all battles to safeguard the land of the Bonefairy Castle. Sir Hunter encountered numerous challenges that were extremely dangerous and frightening, while returning from battle to the Bonefairy Castle. Sir Hunter knew he must fulfill his obligations to the Queen. The most powerful of all queens. This Queen wrote everything in scrolls, the same scrolls that young Hunter found. Young Hunter soon understood why he was named Hunter and was given a mission by the Queen. This was a very important mission that will change the way of the world. With young Hunter’s new founded friend Galaxy, the leader of all the Queen’s fairies, Hunter and Izzy made their assigned mission their own life endeavor. Their new endeavor will be a crucial element to the human race.

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