A love story 60 plus years in the making — Interview with author Eleanor Marie Maier (Youtube…

A love story 60 plus years in the making — Interview with author Eleanor Marie Maier (Youtube interview)


This is a true and inspiring story of one woman’s quest not only to survive against the formidable odds of her pioneer beginnings but to rise to relative prosperity and is looking forward to the day when she will meet her Savior! She shares her life learnings and adventures, including:

*How she rose from great poverty as a pioneer as an orphan at a young age in extreme backward conditions during the great depression in Northern Saskatchewan to relative prosperity and very comfortable retirement years.

*How a child of Canadian immigrants became a successful citizen of both Canada and the United States.

*Why she switched from being a Roman Catholic to becoming a Protestant.

*How she struggled, having married a devout Christian who became an ardent agnostic believing principally in reason; and finally, after fifteen years, returning to his faith.


“Your story shows what can be accomplished in spite of great odds when a clear goal is pursued with determination and sincerity and with an unwavering commitment to a clear and specific standard.”

“This is fascinating! I love how it’s history, an autobiography, and a testimony all at once.”

“All future generations should read this so they understand how difficult life can be and how one may overcome those difficulties. I can’t wait to read the finished book. I am so proud of you, especially having written this at age ninety-three.”

“I thank you for writing this slice of North American history. Quite thrilling.”

“Your story and writing are amazing!”

“My summation of your book: ‘An inspiring story of faith, struggle, and determination to never give up.’”

“Your story is captivating! What you’ve achieved in writing your story is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations.”

“We wonder what will be next for her.”


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