Battle of the cover bands choreographer Jesse V3ga interview

Jesse Vega is an Actor/Dancer and Recording artist in the Bronx,NY Performing and being involved in the industry for 16 years. His credits include many successful Short Films,Features and produce 2 independent studio albums in 2017(Microphone) and 2019(Who I Am). Now he is adding Choreographer to his roster as he gets ready to be part of an amazing show on E! “Clash Of The Cover Bands”. A new reality tv show about tribute acts competing head to head to win over to become the “Ultimate Cover Band” winner and a chance for $25,000. Jesse will be artistic choreographing with #1 JLo Tribute Artist in Las Vegas Connie Pena. The show is available to watch as of now but Connie P segment will air Nov 3,2021. Jesse signed on to be Choreogeapher to showcase the best of the best JLo signature choreography and is excited for the world to see on Nov 3 2021 at 9:30pm. 
On top of his exciting venture into choreographing in the show Jesse has his latest bi-lingual single “Seras Tu” and “For U” a love song. That is storming the independent radio station in NYC LDM Radio. For the month of August “Seras Tu” and “For U” Dominated #1 and #2 for 3 weeks. Currently still holding strong in the Top10. 
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