Quincin “Que” Williams — Futuristic Hip Hop artist and producer


About Us: 

Planet Q Productions was created in 2006 by music producer Quincin “Que” Williams when at the time only a handful of recording artist have been known to write songs about the future, but no one ever put two and two together like Quincin Williams did and completely merged them together until now. One day Quincin Williams was looking at the cover of a Neptunes album which Featured Pharrell Williams, and Chad Hugo as members of StarTrak, and at the same time listening to a Nas song called “A New World”, and a new idea was born called Futuristic Hip Hop. 

Our Vision: ​​ 

Quincin “Que” Williams has been producing music since 2001 with killer sound tracks backed by stellar vocals of the future to produce our new sound called Futuristic Hip Hop. We wish to produce and infuse real life futuristic sound quality beats backed with sci fi fantasy lyrics from hot new hip hop recording artist with jaw dropping futuristic soundtracks produced by hot new futuristic music producers who want to do something fun and help us create the best sound quality hit music in the galaxy. We are here to make another genre of hip hop called “Futuristic Hip Hop”. We wish to travel in time, and create surreal scientific environments through our futuristic soundtracks and lyrics that’ll take you to another world rather than just the same old sampled sounds on Planet Earth. You can really benefit from our beats if you are an Astronaut, Musician, Film Director, Disc Jockey, Video Game Programmer/ Designer, or any Incredible Person who need those extra tracks to get that project finished. We wish to give Space Cadets a Vision Of The Future while flying on long trips to the Moon or other Planetary Systems. If you are someone who want to start your music career then check us out and download our futuristic beats, or if you love new music then support us by leaving a donation to help support our future.​​ 

A Blast From The Past: 

Hear the Album that blasted Quincin “Que” Williams music career off and quietly made his Album Platinum Status. These are songs he wrote from 2001 till the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. What made the Album so successful is he used his 18 Wheeler to sell copies of his own CD’s at all Truck Stops he visited throughout the United States. The entire Album was written, arranged, and produced by him, Now That’s Futuristic!!! 


​​ We Hope You Enjoy And Like What You Hear. 2012 

Planet Q Productions All Rights Reserved.

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