Interview with Brad Sanford founder of Charity Treasure Hunts 

Brad Sanfor has created a worldwide participation treasure hunting event that is fully automated and conducted 100% online designed around the mind bending masterpieces of Pablo Picasso. 

We have partnered with GlobalGiving's worldwide Coronavirus Relief Fund and will be donating 70% of all proceeds on launching day of the hunt on July 1st. 
20% of all proceeds will create the grand prize for the winner that outwits the competition solving all of the riddles first. 
Here's the kicker, the entry fee for each player is only $1. Please visit our website and review each tab and check out the sample riddle page to become better acquainted with my company, our supported cause, and this unique format of giving I have created. 

Best Regards, 

Brad Sanford 
Charity Treasure Hunts

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