Musical art by – Orvett Vayga – Infidels

The work of Orvett Vayga fascinates me. His states that his work explores the relationship between Jungian archetypes and counter-terrorism with influences as diverse as The Rza and John Cage, new synergies are crafted from both traditional and modern dialogues.

I personally listened to the song multiple times, and each at each pass I found myself even the more attentive to the lyrical relevance of the times. I confess I have never heard such deep intense lyrical content like this, placed in the cusp of musical diversity before.  It is a ponderous piece of art of which looking at it too closely will do no justice, but step back and explore the picture in its entirety.

Orvett Vayga is making a statement so intense one needs to shed the day away, relax, and take a listen. Music is an expression of ones ability to believe in the unheard song made manifest, and Orvett Vayga has the ability to go above and beyond the norm to bring forth greatness.

Article By Yaya Diamond © YEG Music Group 2017

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