Making moves in the dark

There are so many questions as to how it can be done, and so many ways to do it.. What is it you ask? It is anything you want to accomplish during your lifetime. It is the one thing you can't get off your mind, and the very reason you are reading this blog post. It consumes you, and for more than a few moments of each day. 

We all have that it on our minds, and would love to know how to advance it. Do you feel like you are making those moves in the dark? I do sometimes. This is not a very easy thing to do, especially if it is a big goal. Besides the uphill battle, which seems insurmountable, discouraging thoughts can also set in and destroy your progress. 

We must continue with the journey, even thought it may be the one very thing that can break us. When we are broken we are usable, humble, and teachable. 

What can you do to move forward? Continue being diligent and search knowledge. Successful people are people who have gone through what we are going through today, but never gave up. Don't give up, don't give in, don't apologize, and never look back at your journey with regret. 

Be a dream chaser for life! 

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