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It all got started when my friends and I were sitting in Royal Pig, a bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our server, I think her name was Brittany, was waiting on us and she was doing a fantastic job, which really helped pick me up from a down day at the office. As I was talking to my friends I began to wonder how I could reward Brittany? I really wanted people to be able to come visit her because she was simply awesome. There needed to be a way other people could see how awesome she was​. There needed to be a way for great servers to separate themselves from average ​and bad ​servers, there needed to be a way for great servers to separate themselves from some of the other average servers. 

I wanted her to get the recognition she deserves, but thought that to posting it on my Facebook page would have reached only a small amount of people ​who know me personally. That’s when I thought of creating the​ ​Tapped app! Regardless of the quality of food and ambiance, the service and experience a bartender or server provides can make or break your overall experience and enjoyment. 

Tapped is a much needed tool for customers, servers and businesses alike. ​Download TappedApp and say I'm Tapping it!


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