Interview with Founder of Just Touch 360 Montrel Lowe 

Interview with Founder Montrel Lowe introduces Just Touch & Just Touch 360 is a multifaceted student scholarship application and sports recruiting scholarship application with a lot of great ancillary services! Get the App today!

I have to put my personal remarks on this interview. I love this concept! It is a blessing to all parents who want the best for their children. For only 2.99 you can sign up and get the practice tests for the ACT, PSAT, and GED on your phone. It will allow the child to become more engaged in their studies and it will also allow the parent to save some money. You can also facetime with a professional in the career of the childs choice for only $10. That means they will be getting a one on one with someone who is actually in the profession your child is interested in. This is awesome! You have to go check this out, just click on the logo to go to their site, but in the meantime here is our interview with the founder. Enjoy! 



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